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Suture Cutting Tissue Forceps

Sure/Cut Modules with Applicator Guard:

  • Purple
    Adson Forceps
  • Green
    Ferris-Smith Forceps
  • Raspberry
    DeBakey Forceps

“The Count”

  • Surgical wound closures have simultaneous counting procedures ongoing during the suturing process often referred to as “The Count”
  • “The Count” is the counting of all items used during the procedure including:
    • Instruments
    • Needles
    • Sponges
    • & any other items used in the procedure
  • Multiple counts of each item occur during each layer of closure
  • Frequently, the counts can take minutes each and are best performed without interruption or distraction
  • Surgical counts are both a legal and medial portion of the surgical procedure and must be performed accurately to avoid the legal consequences of an incorrect count but ultimately for the health of surgical patients

Sure/Cut in Surgical Wound Closure

  • Increased scrub & circulating nurse focus during counts
  • Enhanced time efficiency in reduced Instrument passes
  • Sure/Cut empowers scrub nurses to maintain uninterrupted focus and a new level concentration during closing/counting routines resulting in enhance efficiency and improved patient outcomes
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