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Deployment / Commercialization

HMT system for commercializing innovations

Discover – Huck Medical Technologies collaborates with strategic partners, research institutions and independent innovators within the medical device market space focusing on cardiovascular, thoracic, and urological device segments to improve clinical and patient outcomes. We are fulfilling an underserved market by systematically bridging the gap between scientific discovery and product creation to commercial readiness with products which have potential global impact.

Develop – From engineering, device design, clinical validations and FDA clearance, Huck Medical advances innovations with the application of its unique platform to bring product design to commercialization readiness and rapid market deployment. With many innovations failing during the early stages of development, Huck’s unique platform of highly skilled technical experts reduce project risk while improving success potential.

Deploy – In addition to early stage discovery and development, Huck Medical has the ability to manufacture new products and deploy direct to market thru strategic channels and or transfer back to its I.P. holders for market launch. Huck Medical is seeking to expand our current portfolio of development projects and product manufacturing opportunities.